At My Mercy is more than your average band; it’s an immersive metal experience pieced together by Bobby Radonovich (Vocals), Josh Kasten (Lead Guitars), Casey Jeffers (Bass), and Frankie Ghiloni (Rhythm Guitars) to showcase the best parts of the genre they love and share it with the world.

What originally started as a handful of metal kids riffing in a garage in Phoenix, Arizona quickly progressed into something deeper as the group began to experiment with taking their personal experiences and using different aspects of the metal genre to craft them into something that would resonate with listeners. 

One year later after collaborating and writing, they recorded their debut EP with Matt Good from “From First To Last” at Good Sounds Studios in Tempe, AZ.

“We started with a vague idea of the sound we wanted – namely METAL,” says guitarist Josh Kasten, “We wrote songs that are deeply personal to us and our experiences, but that we hope connect with our audience and make them feel like they’re written personally for them.”